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by olive on October 2, 2009

Sean Callahan and Rodney Rumford of Tweetphoto joined host Angie A. Swartz on Twitter Talk Radio. Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego!  You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the links below and sign up for our RSS feed at the bottom of the page.

Twitter names: @rumford, @tweetphoto, @tweetphotosean and @aaswartz

podcast-icon-bluePodcast 1: This week in Twitter News!

Angie Swartz, Sean Callahan and Rodney Rumford talk about Twitter account suspensions and how Ttweetphotowitter is not just an addiction but a “channel of communication.” Technorati releasing list of top 100 twitterers, ReadWriteWeb thinks Twitter should get a Nobel Peace Prize for the Iran elections coverage, new study says the 55+ demographic is the fastest growing one on Facebook, Twitter added to Collins English Dictionary, and Michael Jackson #1 trending topic.

podcast-icon-bluePodcast 2:  Tweetphoto: Rocking the World of Uploading Pictures to Twitter!

Angie Swartz, Sean Callahan and Rodney Rumford discuss how Tweetphoto, a company only 6 months old, is providing “a better way to photo share.” In 3 easy steps users can share photos, vote, favorite and geotag. They welcome comments and suggestions from their users.

podcast-icon-bluePodcast 3: Tweetphoto: The Best New Marketing Tool for Your Business?

Angie Swartz, Sean Callahan and Rodney Rumford talk about who uses Tweetphoto, how people can search for photos (even if they don’t have a Twitter account), and how Tweetphoto is a marketing tool for businesses.  Tweetphoto has users like Britney Spears too!

podcast-icon-bluePodcast 4: Advice from Tweetphoto Founders on Getting the Most Out of Twitter

Sean, Rodney and Angie talk about listening tools (Google alerts and RSS feeds), ways to find people to follow (, and and tips for how businesses can make the most of Twitter.

Congrats to Tweetphoto on their recent write up in the Wall Street Journal!

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