Top 7 Twitter Applications – How Do You Tweet on Twitter?

by Alan Underkofler on December 8, 2009

Today I wtwitteras reading Website Magazine (does anyone else still read magazines?) and noticed a small note on Popular Twitter Clients (applications that allow you to do more things with twitter).  There are hundreds of different ways to tweet your message out on twitter but here are the top 7 ways people send out their messages to the twitterverse:

  1. Web – 20.74% – The web means just using to send twitter messages.
  2. TweetDeck – 13.73% – TweetDeck is the most popular client for twitter and also connects to your Facebook, Linkedin, and MySpace accounts.  TweetDeck allows you to create groups with the people you are following on twitter.
  3. tweetie_logoTweetie – 9.37% – Tweetie is the most used twitter client for the iPhone.  I have been using Tweetie for the last year and highly recommend it after testing many of the other iPhone twitter applications.
  4. Twitterfeed – 4.50% – Twitterfeed is a simple twitter client designed to push RSS Feeds to your twitter account.  It’s used mostly for pushing your blog posts to your twitter profile automatically.
  5. Seesmic – 3.94% – Seesmic is very similar to TweetDeck, you can create groups as well as post to your Seesmic-logofacebook account.  I use Seesmic for most of my tweeting activity.
  6. Echofon – 2.94% – Echofon isa family of Twitter apps.  Previously Echofon for iPhone was called TwitterFon and Echofon for Firefox was called TwitterFox.
  7. HootSuite – 2.85% – Is  a dynamic application similar to TweetDeck and Seesmic with additional features like scheduled tweets, tabbed layouts, and tracking statistics.

This data was collected from Twitstat.  View the full report from Twitstat to see the list of 245 twitter clients and where they rank.  What program or application are you using to tweet from?

Using a twitter application is something we recommend to all of our Social Media clients as it dramatically increases twitter effectiveness.

If you are new to twitter or just not sure how to use twitter for business you might consider our newest release in the Social Media for Business Series: How To Make More Money Using Twitter in Your Business

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