Top 7 Reasons To Use TweetChat With Twitter!

by Alan Underkofler on September 14, 2009

One of the great things about Social Media is the many additional tools you can use.  There are so many Social Media tools available now and new ones coming online everyday no one could never try them all!  One of these great tools I TweetChat Gravity Summit Twitter Streamhave really enjoyed using lately is TweetChat.  I have used it  for Gravity Summit, The Cool Twitter Conferences, and the San Diego Twestival and TweetUp events.  So what are the Top 7 Reasons?

  1. Simple – Just go to tweetchat log in with your twitter account, type in the hashtag (#) or phase you want to follow, and the tweets start coming in.  Another great benefit is you can log in as yourself or any other twitter account!  This is great if you have a personal twitter account as well as a business twitter account.
  2. Automatically Updates – If you have ever tried to follow a trend with twitter search you know how this is tough to manage.  On one side you have your twitter account up and the other side your have .  With tweetchat it’s all in one place, you are following the stream and it’s auto updating all in one place
  3. Easy to Reply – Reply right from tweetchat without leaving tweetchat, reply, send, and continue reading the conversation.  Each reply will automatically have the hashtag added.
  4. Smart Pausing – Tweetchat has a great feature called smart pausing.  Basically when you scroll down it stops refreshing which allows you to find what you are looking for and reply or retweet the information without losing it.
  5. Retweet – Part of being part of any conversation on twitter is to RT what others are saying.  Highlighting great tweets or something you may have missed.  Tweetchat allows you to RT with Ease, with a button right next to the tweets you can easily RT, add something to the tweet and send.  The hashtag is automatically added.
  6. User Control – Cool feature that allows you to block or feature people within the tweetchat stream.  So if someone in the conversation is not making any since or is offensive you can remove them from your tweetchat stream, conversely if someone is tweeting great things and you don’t want to miss them you can highlight their tweets.
  7. Chat Room Feature – Tweetchat was designed to work like a chat room within twitter.  You can crate a room based on any subject or trending topic on twitter and every post you send within tweetchat is pushed to twitter.

Tweetchat has received some negative reviews regarding it’s original intent.  Some have even posed the question: Is tweetchat the death of twitter? The tool is designed to work like a chat room where you can have a topic to discuss and chat with the other members in the room.  It works great for this but turns twitter into something many users don’t like.  For instance if you are following one or two of the people in the room you will see their tweets and not really understand what they are talking about as you are only seeing part of the conversation.  I have to agree with many others that using tweetchat as a chat room is a bad idea!  But like many bad ideas and applications that are created users have a way of taking a bad idea or application and using it for something great.  I think tweetchat is best for following twitter trends, following events remotely, and following the discussion at live events.

So when you find yourself sitting at Blogworld, The 140 Conference, or your next big industry show pull out your laptop, log into tweetchat, and join the conversation!

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Yalanda DryerBuzz 09.19.09 at 5:12 pm

“Tweetchat has received some negative reviews regarding it’s original intent. “… lol that would be me. Tweetchat was a shocker to the tweeting system. If I’m not mistaking there was a major twitter #fail almost immediately following a major migration to tweetchat – pure coincidence i’m sure. It was also around the same time as the #hashtag was born. However it only seemed to duplicate search.twitter. Twitter was not yet a community, for that we can thank tweetchat a bit. I will say, if you like tweetchat, you will probably love twubs. Those of us familiar with “twitter’s original intent” truely appreciate twubs embed and customizing features, not to mention ownership and a little bit of control… lol.

Check it out on twitter @twubs
.-= Yalanda DryerBuzz´s last blog ..DryerBuzz: but the photo with @iamsheree takes the cake. some serious work #housewives =-.

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