Social Media Tip: Perform a 30 Day Twitter Pilot Before Ruling It Out

by Green Apple on August 26, 2010

Can Twitter help your business make money? You are likely the only person who can answer that question so why not see what all the hype is for yourself.

Twitter is a potentially game-changing tool and one of the fastest growing Social Networks today. Still, the perception that “Twitter is just for kids!” or “Who cares what you are having for lunch?” have kept many business professionals away.  Others have created accounts and then can’t easily understand the mechanics so they stop using it before they invest enough time to understand its value.  twitter

Can your business afford to ignore Twitter? Why do most TV news shows, newspapers and magazines continue to mention Twitter almost daily, capturing the eyes of many consumers?  Might you be one of the only businesses in your field to WAKE UP and give Twitter a second look?

Social Media Tip: Before you say no to Twitter, peform a pilot.  Investigate Twitter for your business for 30 days and judge it objectively for yourself.

Setup an account (using your name or your brand name), follow 50 or more people related to your business (competitors, customers and business partners are a great place to start), and just listen to what is being said.  Participate when you feel comfortable.

Want to read more about Social Media? Square Martini Media has plenty of articles with useful information for you and your business. Check out the links below and browse our website for more great advice!

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