Social Media: Where to Begin

Social Media: Where to Begin  $49.95

This 55 minute audio guide on Social Media: Where to Begin is a great starting point for the business owner who is new to Social Media and wants to learn the basics, understanding where to start, what’s important, and developing your Social Media Strategy by Angie A. Swartz and Alan Underkofler.

Social Media Where To Begin

The audio guide includes:

  • What is this thing called Social Media?
  • Why Should You Use It and What if You don’t?
  • Why Social Media is All the Rage
  • The Importance of Having a Strategy and How to Develop Yours
  • How Much Time Should You Expect To Spend and Who Does the Work?
  • How Social Media Effects Company Culture, Teamwork and Employee Morale
  • How Social Media can be a  Giant Marketing Machine
  • Blogging, The Big Three and Listening Tools

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