Are You in The Social Media Forest or Stuck in the Trees?

by Angie A. Swartz on July 30, 2010

How do I put a Facebook LIKE button on my website?  How do I check all the boxes when using Tweepi or Untweeps? Is my Facebook Like button located in the right corner of my blog?  How do I share my blog content to my Linkedin groups? Should I send my email newsletter at 5am, 7am or 2pm?  How do I add a Twitter Follow Me Button to My Facebook Profile? Are we growing our facebook fans fast enough? Are they engaging enough?


The Tree, The Trees, The Trees are everywhere! Social media has lots of mechanics.  These mechanics are very important.  Don’t get me wrong.  As a social media firm, we spend a lot of time ensuring that these mechanics are executed in a high quality manner with our clients.  However, lately I’ve noticed that many companies seem to be caught up in the mechanics so much that they seem to be forgetting the real reason they are investing in social media in the first place–connecting with people.

If you are a business and your number one goal is to sell and provide excellence to your customers,  aren’t you embarking on social media to provide community and conversation to the people who know, like and trust you so that they will do repeat business with you, refer you and come to you for advice when they have questions in your area of expertise?

Content is still key.

What?  Yes, Content is still key.

Once more (because Marketing guru’s say you have to hear everything three times) Content is still key.

So this weekend, I challenge you to think about my question for just a few minutes and look at your calendar next week.  Evaluate how you’ve allocated your time.   What percentage of your time are you spending on mechanics?  What percentage of your time are you spending on creating content?  Are you satisfied with the answer?  If yes, great!  If no, change it…before Monday starts.  You can start the week in The Social Media Forest.  I promise, the Trees will always be there.

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