Will the Phishing Scam Speed Up Twitter’s Maturity Cycle?

by Angie A. Swartz on January 3, 2009

My business partner, Alan Underkofler, just posted an article about the Urgent Twitter Phishing Scam that has been plaguing Twitter users all day today.   You can read this post, Mashable, CNET, Chris Pirillo Warn of Urgent Twitter Phishing Scam on our partner blog, Twitter Attraction.


Since my last post here talked about Social Media and your business strategy, I thought it might be worth a look at how this phishing scam might possibly impact Twitter‘s strategy.  Undoubtedly, this will not be the last time that Twitter is the victim of  incidents and attacks like this.  As we know, as someone or something becomes a star and gains in popularity, it becomes the subject of jealousy and the object of everyone’s attention.  Right now, Twitter is the prom queen and there are lots of people out there trying to make her “Carrie“.

It’s my guess that there are lots of people right now brainstorming about how to hack twitter and make millions from the publicity.  Conversely, Twitter hopefully has a team of rockstars talking about security to fend off such an attack.  It’s days like today that will keep Twitter jumping on their toes.  Twitter will thank whomever started today’s virus and they will be grateful that today’s incident wasn’t bigger in scale than it was.  It is a true gift to them.  That is, if they see it as the warning that it is and take action. Twitter has just been put on notice that they are a player of large scale and they must have systems that allow them to play in the big league.

One year from today, I bet we’ll see a much different Twitter than what we see today as their strategy has no option but to mature drastically over the next year….and it’s going to happen at lightening speed.  Can you say Harvard Business Case writing as fast as you can keep up?  Tom Davenport, I’d like to co-write an article with you about this topic.  I know we could have a great debate!

What are your predictions about the changes we’ll see in Twitter by January 2010?  Leave a comment here and we’ll save them.  The person who comes closest to reality will have the opportunity to write a guest post with us this time next year.

Cheers to you Twitter.  We look forward to watching!

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