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Mitch Wagner: Journalist Turned Second Life Expert

by Green Apple on August 25, 2010

Mitch Wagner met up with host Angie Swartz  to talk about Second Life and the future of blogging. He shares stories about his exciting career path and encourages writers to pursue Social Media careers.Mitch-Wagner-Copper-Robot

Twitter Names: @MitchWagner, @JJainschigg, @Kim_aka_Rissa, @AngieSwartz.

Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego! You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the links below and sign up for our RSS feed at the bottom of the page.

Each week on Twitter Talk Radio, we spend an hour broken up into four segments when we cover:


Social Media MADE “The Guild” Succeed!

by Lemon Drop on August 24, 2010

This year at the famous San Diego Comic-Con I was given a mission to seek out Felica Day and the other cast members of “The Guild.” Admittedly, I had no idea what the show was about or why it was important until I got to the booth. As it turns out, I’ve been missing out! “The Guild” is especially interesting because the show is an online Felica Day, Creater and Main Character of The Guildseries!


Last week Facebook announced a new addition to the number one social networking website called Places.  Places allows Facebook users with a smart phone to “check in” where they are at in real time.  If you are sitting in your favorite restaurant, going to a show, or just strolling on your favorite path by the beach you can now check in using facebook places on iphonefacebook places.


Three Ways Newsletters Can Help Your Business

by Lemon Drop on August 20, 2010

Does your company have a newsletter? We hope the answer is “Yes!” because if you don’t, you’re missing a great opportunity! If you do already have a newsletter, there are tips to make it work harder for your company. Also, your company’s newsletter is not the only one you should be paying attention to…

Watch this week’s edition of the “Social Media Minute” video series by Alan Underkofler as he explains the benefits of getting and sending out newsletters.

Important points to remember from Alan:

    1) Make sure you are sending your newsletters to not only all current customers but  past customers too.

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Airlines Soar with Customers on Twitter

by Green Apple on August 19, 2010

A recent article on highlights yet another example of businesses using Twitter for customer service-the airline companies! JetBlue, Delta and Southwest Airlines have capitalized on the social media tool to offer their customers the best service possible. Mike Brice, a regular Delta flier, tweeted the airline’s customer service department and rebooked his missed flight. Southwest and JetBlue advocates have been able to voice their questions or complaints with the airlines without waiting in lines or on-hold.

Photo illustration courtesy of Dimofte and Dana Harris

Photo illustration courtesy of Dimofte and Dana Harris


Top 12 Types of People to Follow on Twitter

by Angie A. Swartz on August 17, 2010

Twitter continues to be confusing to business owners.  We at Square Martini Media speak and teach about many things and we sometimes forget to write about the obvious ones.  We thought you might enjoy this post about who to follow on Twitter.

The top three questions I hear about Twitter are:

  1. “How do I make money with Twitter?”
  2. “Who should I follow on Twitter?”; and,
  3. “Should I pay a service to grow my Twitter Followers for me?”


Creating a great Linkedin marketing strategy which generates consistent leads and business for you all starts with having a dynamic and complete Linkedin profile.  Your Linkedin profile is often the first impression someone linkedin_down_wizzardreceives of you, your brand, and your company.  The profile is not just for Linkedin but for your entire online presence.  When searching on Google for any name, the Linkedin profile should be one of the first 10 sites.   You control what prospects and customers read about you on Linkedin, therefore having a stand out Linkedin profile is an essential first step for your Linkedin strategy.


How Do You Use Twitter for Business?

by Lemon Drop on August 13, 2010

You should be using Twitter for your business! As we have said again and again with enthusiasm, Twitter is a very valuable social media tool for business! It is second in searches to Google, SECOND! With over 22 billion searches, you can be assured many are business related. So the question to ask yourself is where are you, your company and maybe more important where are your competitors showing up in all of these Twitter searches?

Watch the latest video of “The Social Media Minute” to learn how to use Twitter for your business:


Jim Kukral joined guest host Alan Underkofler to talk about online marketing strategies and his upcoming book Attention! This Book Will Make You Money. In this interview, Jim clues small-business owners in on how to get what they want for their company.

Twitter Names:   @JimKukral, @AlanUnderkofler. 41IVDchCSZL._SS500_

Twitter Talk Radio is recorded live in the WSRadio studios in sunny San Diego! You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the links below and sign up for our RSS feed at the bottom of the page.

Each week on Twitter Talk Radio, we spend an hour broken up into four segments when we cover:


Concerned that you’ll waste too much time on social media?  Well, you should be!  If you aren’t clear on why you’re using social media, you can invest hours without accomplishing anything (except maybe having lots of fun and connecting with your long lost high school buddies).


A good social media strategy must be well thought out, targeted and aligned with your company goals.  Thus, the first step is to make sure you start by revisiting your company goals.  Only then can you start thinking about social media and how it can compliment your objectives.