MC Hammer proves beyond a doubt that he’s the REAL DEAL at Gravity Summit at Harvard!

by Angie A. Swartz on October 1, 2009

MC Hammer understands Social Media Strategy. I wasn’t sure what to expect from MC Hammer but I can say uncategorically that my expectations were blown out of the water by this business mogul.  MC Hammer not only wowed the room with his charm and charisma but he blew it out of the water with his knowledge of business and social

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

Angie Swartz, MC Hammer and Bob Fine

media strategy.  Just before his presentation, MC Hammer tweeted that he always gets ready for a performance or presentation by listening to the following song.  He did, in fact, have his headset on.


MC Hammer started off talking about himself as a young adult walking seven miles to Oakland Stadium filled with 60,000 fans. He was already an entrepreneur who wanted to sell to them.

“I wish I had Facebook’s problem today. 250 million people! Man, I’d figure out something to sell them!”

MC Hammer gets it.  He’s a self professed Twitter Addict, a lover of business and an entrepreneur at heart. Music, although a very big part, is just one part of who he is today.  He and his family starred in an A&E reality TV series last summer, appropriately titled, Hammertime.

MC understands that social media is all about the conversation  and  transparency (well, as transparent as you can be when you’ve been a megastar).  He understands fundamentally that

  • The consumer wants something different today.
  • The days of push marketing are dyeing.
  • Marketing has changed forever.
  • There is no longer room for the middle man in profit margins.
  • His industry, music, is a fragile one and that he’s walking a tight rope by changing his own distribution channels.  He sees that change is necessary to survive but also notes that he’s part of change that will impact many of his friends in the industry that may not yet be as forward thinking as he is.  He’s in a difficult position (my words, not his).

Hammer was asked how he has time to keep up with all the intimate interaction with his fans and followers.

“My home is wired with TV’s and Monitors everywhere that allow me to catch tweets and updates out of the corner of his eye.”

“I have an iPhone in one pocket and a G1 in the other”

“I use all the tools but I can’t talk brands because then I’m in endorsement mode but I use it all.”

He obviously lives, eats and sleeps social media and social media strategy.

Hammer is a VERY smart business man.  He illustrated his brilliance via many instances during his talk but I’ll site one: the iPhone Bump Application.  He tweeted the application out the day before Gravity Summit, talked about it during his presentation, demonstrated it at the afterparty exchanging his contact information with anyone who wanted.

“I’m not even an investor in the Bump App but make no mistakes, in the spirit of full disclosure, I will be.”

Hammer’s a brilliant guy.  Through Tweets, I learned he’s an investor in horse racing and that he made connections to talk to folks he met at the Gravity Summit Tweetup about some venture funding for deals. It would be so entertaining to get a glimpse into all of the joint ventures of MC Hammer…now that would be a TV show I’d watch!

Hammer was very generous with his time taking photos with anyone who asked during the day and he even attended the after party, Gravity Summit Tweetup.  (He drank Soda, I can vouch, I offered to buy him a drink but he asked for soda and that’s what he was drinking all night.)

But let’s be clear on why Hammer was at the Tweetup.  This is another example of how Hammer understands social media.  Yes, I believe he truly is the Real Deal and is a genuinely nice guy.  But he’s also demonstrating here that he’s a smart business man who understand social media strategy. There were over 100 people at the tweetup who are social media enthusiasts who tweet, blog, tweetphoto and facebook the heck out of everything they can get there hands on.  Hammer is no dummy 😉

MC Hammer, my invitation stands, you can come on Twitter Talk Radio or Boost Your Business Radio anytime!

Just Tweet me @aaswartz!  I’ll be happy to spread your word.

And if you’re interested in a great social media seminar, check out Gravity Summit New York City on November 16.

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