Where Do You Start to Create A Good Social Media Strategy?

by Green Apple on August 9, 2010

Concerned that you’ll waste too much time on social media?  Well, you should be!  If you aren’t clear on why you’re using social media, you can invest hours without accomplishing anything (except maybe having lots of fun and connecting with your long lost high school buddies).


A good social media strategy must be well thought out, targeted and aligned with your company goals.  Thus, the first step is to make sure you start by revisiting your company goals.  Only then can you start thinking about social media and how it can compliment your objectives.

Social Media Tip: A Good Social Media Strategy Starts With a Good Overall Company Business Strategy.

Make sure you have 5 written business and/or marketing goals with you when you start thinking about social media.  Use these goals to develop your social media goals.  Identify influencers and customers  in your industry who are already using social media to connect with, learn from and target for relationships… which in the end lead to business.

Want to read more about Social Media? Square Martini Media has plenty of articles with useful information for you and your business. Check out the links below and browse our website for more great advice!

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