Why Should My Company Use Social Media?

by Alan Underkofler on May 20, 2010

I was just asked this question today from a new client.  Why should my company use Social Media?  The person asking intuitively knows their company should be using Social Media specifically a company blog, Linkedin, Facebook, and why-highway-signTwitter.  And the reason why they know they should be more active in Social Media is because they are seeing their customers use Social Media more and more.  Customers are viewing Facebook and Twitter on their iPhone, Driod phone, and now of course their iPad.

If you take a moment and ask your customers what they use their smart phone for you will hear all kind of answers.  Some may surprise you but many of these customers will say things like browsing the internet, sending tweets on twitter, and checking facebook.  You will receive similar answers when you ask what they are doing on the computer when they are not working.

With all of this focus on Social Media from your customers it creates a great opportunity for you to engage them where they are spending their time.  Going back to the original question here are 5 reasons why your company should be using Social Media.

  1. Top of Mind Awareness – Once you have a customer why not make sure they always think of you before anyone else?  There many ways to do this and Social Media is one way that you cannot ignore!  By connecting with your customers in Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter you maintaining top of mind awareness every time you update your status or send a tweet!
  2. Creating stronger relationships – Social Media tools like facebook and twitter are used in the office as well as home.  This allows you to create stronger relationships where your customers are comfortable and where they are more likely to talk about you!  Social Media makes it really easy for your customers to give you referrals to potential new clients!
  3. Listening – Your customers are most likely already talking about you, your brand, or your competitor’s brand.  Social Media allows you to listen, engage, and create conversation.  Conversation leads to new customers and new sales.  If you are actively blogging and adding content to your website as well as active on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter it will lead you and your company to new sales.
  4. Building Customer Loyalty – Let’s face it people are moving so fast they forget what they did yesterday let alone who they purchased a product from last month.  Increasing customer loyalty and retention is about creating and nurturing the buying relationship.  This really gets started after the purchase has been made!  Social Media make very easy for you to keep that buying relationship going for months and years after the sale.
  5. NEW FREE BUSINESS – What do I mean by new free business?  With Social Media tools you can create a base of loyal customers, users, and fans.  These customers, users, and fans will send you business.  They will think about you and talk about you!  The easiest business to receive is from prospects that have already been sold by your current and past customers or fans.  Giving your customers the tools to do this is the key and Social Media is currently one of the best tools you can use to make this happen!

    Are you using Social Media in your business?  Please let us know by leaving a comment and sharing with everyone why you are and how it is working for you.

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    Global Patriot 05.29.10 at 11:05 am

    The aspect of conversation is huge, as the ability to exchange ideas doesn’t exist in the world of one way communication – TV, radio, newspapers. And the dynamic of listening now extends to all aspects of your marketplace, including what your competitors are saying, which brings about a whole new level of learning. If you’re not in social media, you’re only hearing part of the story!
    .-= Global Patriot´s last blog ..BP Oil Spill Quandary =-.

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