It’s not often when I see a business that has many of the elements of a successful social media campaign already running smoothly, managed and monitored by Social marketing management tools. So, when I do, and they aren’t using social media, it’s hard not to want to help them for free. Today I am going to discuss the Social side of an online business and introduced on the the tools deigned to manage it – the Social media management tool developed by SE Ranking.

Photo Credit Michaela Kobyakov, Austria

I frequently go to several businesses just like this and I think social media could make a BIG difference for them. Some are choosing not to use social media because they feel it isn’t intimate enough for their businesses anymore or yet. This seems to be because there are so many businesses using social media ineffectively like a push marketing tool. The important thing to remember about social media is that it can be whatever you need it to be for YOU and YOUR Business. Because social media involves creating a community and relationships, you are in control, ideally with the help of a Soaicl media management software.

Let’s focus on what makes one of these businesses a prime candidate for social media marketing success. Here are a few of the signs:

  • Passion. The owner is passionate about what she does.
  • Influence. The owner is a leader and a teacher. She has strong influence over her customers.
  • Rock Solid Brand Message. She is a great leader with a very solid brand message.
  • Solid Business Plan. She is clear on what she does, who her target customer is, her offering and her price point.
  • Great Content Already Exists. As part of her existing operations, the business develops daily, authentic brand messages that could be easily used as social media content.
  • Established Tribe. There is already an established loyal tribe that loves and trusts the business.
  • Testimonials and Feedback. Customers provide feedback routinely about their experience with the business.
  • Requests for More. Customers want more and can’t get enough from this business.

Our society is going through a fundamental shift that’s driving many to want more authentic heartfelt connections. Social Media can help a business that’s connecting with a small group of people, grow that connection and their very important message to thousands or more who might really need it and their service or product.

Just like everything we do. Social Media is the art that we create and the power comes from whatever we make happen.

Photo Credit Michaela Kobyakov, Austria.

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