7, 10, Ok How about 11 Top Reasons Twitter is a Must Have for Your Business

by Angie A. Swartz on August 17, 2009

imagesTwitter is one of the most amazing communication tools to enter the business landscape in years. People are reading so much about Twitter and how essential it is for business, that they are signing up without even understanding why or how to use it.  When I speak about Social Media, I always ask how many people have a twitter account.  Usually 25% of the hands go up in the room.  Next, I ask, “How many of you have absolutely no idea what to do with you account?” and most hands stay up.

Here’s our 11 Reasons Twitter is a Must Have for Your Business.

  1. To Meet Others Who Want to Help Others and Give Without Regard to What They’ll Get Back. Isn’t this a fundamental practice of good business?  I guess we’re talking about the Law of Karma.  Send out good stuff and you’ll get it back in two fold.  Twitter is a community of people who are investing their time and energy to meet you and develop a relationship with you.  Just like in any live networking group (and yes, twitter is networking), people want to know you and do business with you if you have good manners and you go the extra step to help others.  I don’t know about you but I find this type of community refreshing. Sure, you can find folks on Twitter that only want to market and direct sell to you but the easy “unfollow” button is there for you.
  2. To LEARN…about Anything and Everything. The Twitter community is a diverse community that talks about anything and everything.  You can learn about something new everyday.  How is your market changing? Check Twitter and update that Porter’s 5 Forces diagram.
  3. To Form Relationships and Expand Your Network. Because there are numerous, fairly robust search tools available (www.search.twitter.com and Twitter Search), you can seek out people on twitter with similar business and personal interests and form relationships with those individuals.  Using Twitter allows you to remove several steps in forming new relationships.  People who have met on Twitter often feel like they already know each other once a face-to-face meeting finally occurs.
  4. To Listen to What the Market is Saying About You Twitter provides a terrific opportunity to monitor your brand.  Some companies still say they are afraid to hear what people are saying about them but I insist you must know.
  5. To Learn About the Competition Can you afford not to know what your competition is doing on Twitter? and what everyone is saying about them? How about anything bad that’s being said about them?  How about who they are following and their followers? Might you want to follow some of the same folks and read their tweets?  When has competitive research ever been easier?
  6. To Conduct Market Research and to Learn About Your Customer’s Needs Same as #5 above.  When has market research ever been easier and more concise?  Here are a group of self-professed transparent, authentic, 140-character, direct communicators ready to tell you everything they want, need and especially what they don’t like.  HEAVEN for a market researcher!
  7. To Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers and Potential Customers. If you are willing to put a little of your personal side into your tweets, reach out to people that are interesting to you and be interesting, funny and have a little fun, you might not have to work too hard at staying top of mind with your customer base.   Next time they need the service you offer, they’ll likely think of you just because they prefer to do business with one of their twitter buddies and you are the one they connect with most on a personal level.
  8. To Allow Your Fans to Become Your Raving Fans and Evangelists. We all do screw up and make mistakes sometimes.  (My apologies, I know, you don’t, but the rest of us do.) And when that happens, how we react and who has our backs are the most important things.  If you are doing a great job and providing a good product and/or service, then you’ve got fans.  If you invest a little time in taking care of those fans, they’ll take care of you and they’ll have your back if you ever need them.  The Twitter community is loyal given you’ve done your job and invested some time to do it right.  Why wouldn’t you?
  9. To Pursue Joint Venture Opportunities & Partnerships Interested in teaming up for a JV? It happens everyday on Twitter.
  10. To Communicate Efficiently & Effectively to a Targeted Group. There are loads of targeted groups that already exist on Twitter that likely fit your target market.  If you can’t find one you like, create one.  There are chat groups that meet and chat on twitter at certain times of the week. #journchat #gno
  11. To Address Customer Service Questions, Complaints, Concerns Quickly & Effectively. In #4 above, we say you must know what the market is saying about you. Well, you must especially know anything negative so that you can react as quickly as possible.  Today’s consumer wants an answer fast and they aren’t patient.  Even if you don’t know all the answers, you must be willing to respond and be truthful.  Just take a look at United Airlines Breaks Guitars.

Is it a must that every business be on Twitter? No, not every business but most. A business shouldn’t be using Twitter if not one of their customers, potential customers, competitors, or potential market entrants is using Twitter.  Thus, if you run a business in a rainforest and you sell to customers who don’t have electricity, you might not need Twitter.  However, that doesn’t apply to most of you.

What are your thoughts on using Twitter for business? Do you have a great business success story? We would love to mention you when we speak or even feature your story in a guest blog post so leave a comment or tweet us!

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