11 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Linkedin

by Alan Underkofler on January 14, 2010

When was the last time you were on Linkedin?  When I ask this question to business owners and business professionals I often times get the following answer, “I am on Linkedin, I have a profile, I accept connections every few months, but I really don’t understand it.”  If this is your answer think about these 11 reasons why learning more about Linkedin would be a good idea!

  1. linkedin_logoWith over 50 million users and the top companies and decision makers on Linkedin, why would you not be active here?
  2. Profiles on Linkedin are made up with all types of people, top executives, middle management, sales people, business owners, consultants, and micro business.  Your target customer is on Linkedin!
  3. Companies can complete a simple informational profile but are limited to adding information only and cannot interact with Linkedin members as the company.  This means on Linkedin you have the opportunity to engage real people.
  4. You can use Linkedin to maintain top of mind awareness with your customers and prospects.  Linkedin is one of my favorite tools to achieve top of mind awareness.  Once setup it’s pretty simple, easy to update, and takes very little time.  You just have to consistently do a few actions on Linkedin to really maximize the results.  Things like status updates, updating your profile, and receiving new recommendations is all it takes.
  5. Use Linkedin to find potential customers.  Chances are very good your next big customer is already on Linkedin!  Who are you trying to find, what company do you really want to land as a customer?  Are you searching for a way in?  Linkedin is the answer!  By using Linkedin correctly you can be introduced to the person you need to meet to turn a prospect into a customer.
  6. Use Linkedin to find your next job.  Linkedin is often used to post jobs and openings.  You can easily search job openings and apply for the job through Linkedin.  If you are seeking a job, Linkedin is a must have tool!
  7. Are you hiring?  Linkedin is fantastic place to look for new employees for the position you cannot seem to fill.  Linkedin is a powerful tool to find potential candidates for the openings at your company.  You can post jobs and attract both people actively looking for a job and people who are passively looking for a job.  Often times Linkedin job postings are forwarded by contacts because they think it might be a good fit.  This creates a viral effect for your job postings!
  8. Using Linkedin to network and generate referrals.  Often times when I am speaking on Linkedin I am asked “how do I use it” or I” have a profile and don’t do anything with it, I am really not sure how it works”.  Like anything you have to engage and participate to reap the rewards.  On Linkedin the rewards are there…  One way I attract more business from Linkedin is simply sending a short welcome email to all new connections requesting a 20 minute phone conversation where we can learn more about each  other.  This step alone generates business for me every month and also increases my referral potential on Linkedin.  The more people who know about me and what I do the more referrals I attract!
  9. What are your goals for Linkedin?  Having goals gives you something to reach for!  On Linkedin your goals might be to connect with more people, to recommend 5 people in your network, or to receive 5 recommendations, or simply to meet with 5 connections this month on the phone or live in person.  Having a few goals for Linkedin is essential to insure you receive what you are looking for on Linkedin
  10. Are you a local business looking for local customers or are you a national or worldwide business?  Any size business can use Linkedin to effectively grow.
  11. Linkedin Answers is a powerful resource for any business or professional.  What do you need help with?  Are you deciding between two software products for your business?  Are you looking for the best email service for your company or personal newsletter?  All of these questions can be asked on Linkedin and within minutes you will start receiving answers to help you make a good decision or direct you to a good solution.

Do you have suggestions on how to receive business on Linkedin or a great strategy you use on Linkedin?  Take a moment and leave your favorite Linkedin tip or suggestions by leaving a comment.

Need help maximizing Linkedin for your business?  Find out more about Linkedin and how to maximize if for your business with our 55 minute audio guide, The Roadmap to Using Linkedin to Grow Your Business.

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Mikayla 01.14.10 at 4:37 pm

Fantastic article, Alan! I just started paying more attention to LinkedIn and what it can do for my business, so I appreciate the tips you gave. I LOVE #8 – sensational idea – and #11 – wow – I didn’t even know Linked Answers existed. :) Thanks again, I’m off to ReTweet this!

Alan Underkofler 01.15.10 at 6:07 am

Thank you for leaving a comment and ReTweeting the post! I am glad you enjoyed it! Linkedin Answers is a great place to spend time and attract new connections based on your answers! Let me know how it goes.

Ian Hausberg 01.17.10 at 1:57 am

Hi Alan and thanks for an awesome article, this article will keep reminding me to believe in the internet, and not just go out and get all the business person to person.

Global Patriot 01.24.10 at 7:54 am

Another great feature of LinkedIn is the WordPress application that feeds blog posts into my profile. This provides visitors with a constant stream of fresh data that is relevant to what I’m up to professionally. It also serves to raise awareness about my blog, and that results in more traffic and more subscribers.
.-= Global Patriot´s last blog ..Rady School of Management – Careers in Green =-.

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