When is Social Media Marketing Right for Your Business?

by Angie A. Swartz on March 9, 2011

It’s not often when I see a business that has many of the elements of a successful social media campaign already running smoothly.  So, when I do, and they aren’t using social media, it’s hard not to want to help them for free.

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I frequently go to several businesses just like this and I think social media could make a BIG difference for them.  Some are choosing not to use social media because they feel it isn’t intimate enough for their businesses anymore.  This seems to be because there are so many businesses using social media ineffectively like a push marketing tool.  The important thing to remember about social media is that it can be whatever you need it to be for YOU and YOUR Business.  Because social media involves creating a community and relationships, you are in control.


Reviewing Your Social Media Strategy To Ensure A Successful 2011

by Alan Underkofler on December 14, 2010

As I am wrapping up my 2010 I am reminded of the different parts of my business to review, reflect, and consider changing.  My personal and business Social Media strategy definitely makes it on the list.  For me my personal and business strategy are very much in line with each other varying slightly.  I recommend reviewing both social media revieweven if you only use your personal Social Media profiles for staying in touch with family and friends.

Below are 5 areas to help you measure your Social Media success and consider making changes for 2011:

Honest Benchmark – It starts with an honest review of where you are at in Social Media.  I am assuming if you are reading this post you are one of the many businesses which implemented Social Media this year.  If I was meeting with you in person I would ask if you followed through with your Social Media strategy and goals this year.  So many businesses jump into Social Media with great plans and a minimal strategy only to decide to abandon Social Media because they realize it takes more than just setting up a few profiles.  Even some of our clients at Square Martini Media after creating a detailed Social Media strategy discovered in the process that Social Media is a big of a commitment and had to reconsider moving forward.  Social Media takes someone within a company or a firm like ours actual hours, time, and money to make successful.

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Social Media Engagement With A Halloween Martini

by Alan Underkofler on October 29, 2010

It’s time for the Social Media Halloween Martini!  Yes I know you are thinking how can Halloween, social media, and blackwidow halloween social media martini 263x300 Social Media Engagement With A Halloween Martinimartini’s possibly fit together?  The answer is really quite simple.  Social media is about engagement.  Social media engagement is definitely a buzz word so the question I answer for many of our clients is what does engagement mean for my business?  Social media engagement for your business is about building relationships, having great customer service, and attracting people to you through conversations and great content.  Engagement leads to new likes on your Facebook business page, new views on your YouTube channel, new Twitter followers, new readers and subscribers to your blog, and of course what we all want, new customers.

The following Halloween Martini recipe is for you.  It’s a reminder from Square Martini Media to have fun, enjoy the holidays, and think about creative ways to create engagement with your social media community.  In my last post 3 Steps to Take the Scare Out of Social Media for Your Business I may have forgotten one step which is to have fun, enjoy your business, and take care of your customers.  Providing martini recipes is about connecting with our community and creating stronger relationships.

Please enjoy the Halloween recipe and make sure to drink responsibly:



3 Steps to Take the Scare Out of Social Media For Your Business

by Alan Underkofler on October 26, 2010

Is social media a trick or a treat for your business?  Many business owners are still unsure about how to approach rss pumpkin 300x225 3 Steps to Take the Scare Out of Social Media For Your Businesssocial media for their business.  Here are three steps to take before engaging in social media for your business:

Step 1 – Define why you think social media will work for your business and what you are going to use social media for.  Are you trying to create sales, leads, brand awareness, or customer engagement?  You must know what you want before you begin.

Step 2 – Commit to the process.  Social media is a community.  Too many companies use it as a broadcasting tool and think they are using social media.  This is like placing a bowl of candy at your front door on Halloween with a note that says “please take one”.  Sure a few kids may take one and be perfectly happy but eventually someone will empty the entire bowl into their bag and the other kids are left with nothing but a note.  This result closely resembles many business Facebook pages and blogs- a great start yet no commitment to continue the process.


CleanWatervsDirty 300x199 Water, Water, Water...Why It Just Might Be the Key to Everything!Supporting  clean water is one of the first policies we established at Square Martini Media.   So we couldn’t be happier that Blog Action Day 2010 is devoted to WATER and about our news with San Diego’s own GiveCleanWater.

The following is an excerpt from The Blog Action Day site:

“Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us.

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses. The UN predicts that one tenth of the global disease burden can be prevented simply by improving water supply and sanitation.

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10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Friends

by Alan Underkofler on October 12, 2010

Ask us your social media marketing question …  Free!  Have you noticed the box to the right of this page?  What is your social media question that you would like us to answer?  Last week someone asked how to grow their Facebook friends?

10 easy ways to grow your Facebook friends:

  1. facebook friends boxUse the Facebook tools!  When you first log into Facebook scroll down and look for the Get Connected section on the right.  From here you can find your friends using Gmail, Skype, Yahoo, AOL, and more.  This is a fast and easy way to grow your friends on Facebook.
  2. Add a Facebook link or button to your email signature
  3. Make a habit to send follow up emails asking to connect on Facebook after meeting someone new.
  4. Add a Facebook link to your business card


Ten Easy Tips for Finding Time for Social Media Marketing

by Angie A. Swartz on October 7, 2010

I recently read an inspiring article by a fabulous writer in which he talked about being a writer.  He said things like , “I’m a Writer.  Therefore, I write.  I’m devoted to writing everyday. I find times during the day to sneak in writing.”

time100710 300x200 Ten Easy Tips for Finding Time for Social Media MarketingIf you are a business owner, can you think along the same line with your social media strategy? “I’m a business owner, therefore I market…”  Can you sneak in times during the day to market your business?  I bet you do already.  If you don’t, I’m sure you could. You could even have a little fun with it if you wanted to turn it into a little challenge for yourself.  Or, even better, pick a social media marketing buddy and create a challenge with them.  Have your buddy text you everyday with the number of new business connections they’ve engaged via a social media channel (notice I didn’t say new friends they’ve added but actual engagements meaning someone they’ve actually had a conversation with because that’s when the magic starts happening).

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We’re excited to introduce…

The Social Media Minute

What? The Social Media Minute is a video series of short segments offering social media tips and answers to your questions about using social media for business.

Where? You’ll see Social Media Minute videos featured here on our blog, on our Facebook page and profiles and on our YouTube Channel.

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When? Every other week

Why? The Why is the fun part.  After all, we need a why for everything we do in business right?  There are so many reasons why video is a must for business that this answer requires a list:


How To Insure Your Profile is Found With A Linkedin Search

by Alan Underkofler on October 1, 2010

Linkedin is one of the most powerful social media networks for business today.  In fact many businesses and sales professionals find a majority of their business leads and resources just from Linkedin.  This makes having a complete and accurate profile one of the most important steps in creating your online presence.  And it’s not just about having a complete profile but the right profile and information so you can be found within the Linkedin network. Watch this week’s Social Media Minute as Alan Underkofler discusses a very simple way to insure your Linkedin Profile shows up on top when your network uses the Linkedin search box:

Take the time to review your Linkedin profile right now.  Look at your Current and Past positions, Summary, Interests, and Groups for opportunities to implement the Linkedin profile strategy discussed in the video.

I hope you enjoyed the Social Media Minute and I look forward to your thoughts and comments. Please subscribe to the Square Martini Media YouTube channel and if you have a question you would like covered on the Social Media Minute, let us know by giving us your Social Media Minute Question.


social media kool aid Are You Losing Business by Drinking Too Much of The Social Media Kool Aid?First let me say social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are a must use marketing tool for most businesses.  What I mean by social media Kool-Aid is the common pattern for new social media users.  I typically see two types of common patterns or Kool-Aid drinkers out of the business community when applying social media.

The Social Media Kool-Aid Guzzler: For many businesses after taking their first step (sip of the Kool-Aid) in social media they tend to immediately jump all in or start guzzling.  Businesses try to drink the entire pitcher of Kool-Aid in one sitting.  They set up profiles on every possible social media network barely stopping to take a breath and not even considering how they will keep up with all these profiles.  Social media strategy is out the door but they are sure all these profiles will bring them business.  Eventually these businesses decide the Kool-Aid doesn’t taste all that great.  It could be within a few weeks or a few months but all the social media activity stops and these businesses will now tell you “I tried that social media thing and it does not work”.